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Mariana Montes-Shaw was born in Uruguay in 1961.

Mariana Montes-Shaw’s father was her first and main guidance. He was painter Jose Luis Montes and was a professor from the “Taller Torres Garcia”. The “Taller Torres Garcia” is the renowned Constructivist School founded in Uruguay by the Latin American Master Joaquin Torres Garcia. Montes-Shaw grew up in an artistic environment.

During the late seventies-early eighties, Montes-Shaw practiced naturalistic work: portraits, figure and bouquets. This learnings have been the root for the future abstract expression. And as her masters used to say, naturalism must be abstract. There is no art without abstraction. Later, Montes-Shaw attended the Guillermo Fernandez studio. From his deep knowledge of modern art he taught Montes-Shaw ways to bring out her inside world. During the eighties Montes-Shaw attended Medical School. She became a Psychiatrist and has always been deeply attracted to the labyrinthine world of the human mind.

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